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What Is Runner’s World

What Is Runner's World

Runner’s World is a magazine published in United States. The publication happens every month and is for reading by runners of all skills. Hearst is the publisher of the magazine, located in Easton, Pennsylvania, US. Betty Wrong Ortiz is the chief editor of the paper. The first magazine publication happened in 1966. If you’re a runner and would love to learn more about what going on in the running world, this will be the best idea you can adopt.

What do you learn from the magazine?

morning runners

Runner’s World magazine gives you updates on what is happening in the running world. They provide updates on scheduled marathon races and athletic games. They also offer training tips based on gender, type of the run you want to take, or levels of experience. They’ll even give you reasons why you should run.

Making subscriptions

When you’re making subscriptions, you can consider a single purchase or the auto-renew method. The auto-renewing offers renew your subscription at the end of the current purchase.

The good thing is that they will send you a renewal notice before they can process your order. That means you can cancel the auto-renew if you don’t want to make any purchase in a particular month. You can go to this web-site, if you would wish to control your subscription settings.

How do you contact Runner’s World?


If you have any questions regarding the magazine, you can call their support team through 800-666-2828. The call line is active all through 24 hours seven days a week. The best time to make a call is at 9 am. The average waiting time is two minutes. You can use the phone call to report any issues that relate to your magazine subscriptions. You can call the line if;

• You are longer satisfied by the content they offer,

• There is a delay in receiving your magazine

• The runner’s world app is not opening using your mobile phone.

Final Verdict

Runner’s World is a magazine that suits every individual across the globe. Note that you don’t have to be a runner to read the magazine. Make your purchase today, for a chance to learn more about running skills, and how running influences people’s lives.

What Do Vine Leaves Taste Like

What Do Vine Leaves Taste Like

The cultivation of vine leaves for food and wine is more than a tradition that spans 8,000 years ago. Its dominance is traced in North Africa, Europe, and Ancient Greece. Vine leaves are found mainly in markets and used for making different flavors.

To understand the taste behind vine leaves and why chefs and winemakers use them in various recipes, you need to understand its culinary uses.

When Used to Make Dolmathes

Dolmathes are derived from the word dolma, which refers to something stuffed. It is a great Greek dish that has grown in popularity thanks to its great taste. They are stuffed with meat, herbs, and rice.

Wine Leaf

They are then served cold or hot with a lemon-based sauce. This combination brings out a salty and sour taste. This great taste is suitable for use as an appetizer as you wait for the main dish.

When Used to Make Wine

Another way to understand the taste of vine leaves is to understand the taste of wine. While it’s not easy to describe the taste, especially if you’re an amateur, wine tastes reveal themselves when the tongue detects it and it’s registered in the brain.

You can buy vine leaves wine online and experience this taste. The sweetness registers immediately as soon as you put it in the mouth. The taste can be sweet, dry, or off-dry. A sweet-tasting wine combines the aromas and flavors of vine leaves.

Greek dolmades wrapped with vine leaves and rice with salad.

Vine leaves have no specific flavor. It all depends on the recipe and the purpose. Before using the vine leaves to make wine or any other popular vine recipe, the taste is normally light citrus or produces a tangy taste. They adopt different flavors after making a recipe, but a good tongue can still notice the taste of the leaves. They also absorb and adopt the flavor of the ingredients for the recipe.

What Does Prk Eye Surgery Stand For

What Does Prk Eye Surgery Stand For

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is a type of eye surgery that corrects myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. PRK was the first-ever type of laser surgery to be introduced for eye vision correction.

It is commonly used to treat eyes that have refractive errors. A refractive error is said to exist when your eye doesn’t bend or refract light properly.

With PRK, your eye doctor uses a laser to restore the shape of your cornea. This procedure improves how your eye focuses light rays on the retina. PRK reduces the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses. In some situations, it can allow them to even go without them.

Why you should get PRK

For all those people with dry eyes this if the kind of treatment you should advocate for or those with thin corneas, prk surgery may be the best option out there to try out. This is mainly because other methods of refractive treatment like LASIK do not work well for those people with such eye conditions.

Optimal laser eye surgery. Corporate photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett, London

For those people with a very active job or lifestyle, PRK is a better method to go for than other alternatives mainly because it does not involve cutting your cornea like for the case of LASIK and other surgeries do. Those people who are very active in life can accidentally temper with cornea flap leading to other problems.

To have PRK surgery, you have some conditions you have to meet. They include:

• Must be 18 years a and above, ideally over 21 years, this is the time your visions have to stop changing

• Never changed eye prescription in the last one year


• You must have a refractive error that is solved with PRK treatment

• You must have a healthy cornea, and your eye health must be generally good

PRK treatment is efficient and effective. Try it out today.

What Alcohol Do Serbians Drink

What Alcohol Do Serbians Drink

If you’re going to Serbian for your vacation, you might want to bring home some new experiences and important memories to share with friends and family. Apart from the adventure and the usual beers and wine, Serbia boosts of a unique alcohol called Rakija.

Tell anybody who understands Serbia well that you’ve been here and the next question to come your war will be, “did you have a taste of Rakija”?

What’s so important about this drink?

Rakija is a name derived from Serbo-Croatian that holds great culture and history behind it. The alcohol is made in a simple process that involves distilling fermented fruit.


It has an alcohol content of about 40 to 65 percent and looks as clear as water. Now, don’t imagine that this is like your regular brandy before you get to understand the culture behind it. Rakija carries rich tradition with it as well as several rituals. It is made out of different fruits and every one of them forms it’s unique Rakija name.

Where to find Rakija

You must know the best places that serve a fulfilling taste of Rakija. To understand the alcohol better and enjoy taking it as you participate in the rituals and traditions that come with it, the best place to be is a serbian restaurant miami.

This restaurant serves you with the diverse versions of Rakija including apricot, juniper, grape, peach, fig, quince, etc., with every version carrying a unique taste. Rakija is also served in Serbian homesteads regardless of the time of the day. In Serbia, there is no specific day to enjoy this alcohol and the rituals that come with it.


Enjoying Rakija the Serbian way involves understanding its rituals and traditions. Respecting the pride that Serbian people have in this drink makes you an honorable guest. Make friends with some locals to teach you more about this iconic drink. You also need to understand that Rakija has very strong alcohol content, and you should drink with moderation.