About Us

Organic Dish

The Iglu is a restaurant that is serving the people of Phoenix, Arizona with organic dishes starting in 2001. Since the day we have started, we have already acquired the trust and respect of the people in the area that we served. This is because we do not compromise in the services that we provide. What more is that we make sure that all of our customers are also satisfied. We only aim for no less than 100% satisfaction.

If you think you have our restaurant figured out already, then you can never be more wrong. There are so many revolving dishes to try here. We believe in diversity, that is why we make it a point to always create dishes that can wow the crows. In fact, we have specials every day that is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction like no other. Many people have already been amazed, it is your turn now when you decide to visit our restaurant today.

Here at The Iglu, we are not simply like any other dining places. We have function rooms here where you can celebrate any events that you may have. If you want a separate bar for just a drink, we also have them here. Our main goal is to serve all the needs of the people so we make sure to have here many available options for every individual. Even if you have dietary restrictions, we are confident to give you all the products you need. That is how dedicated we are in the food and services that we provide.

The Iglu started with only just one restaurant, but now we have already the plans set in place for expansion. We are proud to say that by the second quarter next year, you can already enjoy not just one more The Iglu but three! So stay tuned for more updates on this.