What Alcohol Do Serbians Drink

What Alcohol Do Serbians Drink

If you’re going to Serbian for your vacation, you might want to bring home some new experiences and important memories to share with friends and family. Apart from the adventure and the usual beers and wine, Serbia boosts of a unique alcohol called Rakija.

Tell anybody who understands Serbia well that you’ve been here and the next question to come your war will be, “did you have a taste of Rakija”?

What’s so important about this drink?

Rakija is a name derived from Serbo-Croatian that holds great culture and history behind it. The alcohol is made in a simple process that involves distilling fermented fruit.


It has an alcohol content of about 40 to 65 percent and looks as clear as water. Now, don’t imagine that this is like your regular brandy before you get to understand the culture behind it. Rakija carries rich tradition with it as well as several rituals. It is made out of different fruits and every one of them forms it’s unique Rakija name.

Where to find Rakija

You must know the best places that serve a fulfilling taste of Rakija. To understand the alcohol better and enjoy taking it as you participate in the rituals and traditions that come with it, the best place to be is a serbian restaurant miami.

This restaurant serves you with the diverse versions of Rakija including apricot, juniper, grape, peach, fig, quince, etc., with every version carrying a unique taste. Rakija is also served in Serbian homesteads regardless of the time of the day. In Serbia, there is no specific day to enjoy this alcohol and the rituals that come with it.


Enjoying Rakija the Serbian way involves understanding its rituals and traditions. Respecting the pride that Serbian people have in this drink makes you an honorable guest. Make friends with some locals to teach you more about this iconic drink. You also need to understand that Rakija has very strong alcohol content, and you should drink with moderation.